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Listen to Some of Bruce Leto, Jr.'s Selected Award-Winning Performances & Associated Recordings, Below.

Silver Award - Professional Division (Progressive Musicians International Piano Competition), 2022. Carnegie Hall Performance (above), featuring Sibelius, Cacioppo, & Ravel.

Prizewinner - Sound Espressivo International Competition. Bruce Leto, Jr. performs Apparition & Julian's Song by Curt Cacioppo LIVE via Virtual Concert Halls. March 2024.

Best Performance of a Contemporary Work - World Piano Teacher's Association Italy - Piano Competition 2024. Bruce Leto, Jr. performs Dreiheler Blues by Curt Cacioppo.

Departmental High Honors - Bruce Leto, Jr,'s Senior Thesis Recital ("The Grand Tour of Italy") - featuring works by Cacioppo, Poulenc, Mendelssohn, Mozart, and Liszt. March 2014.

1st Prize - Bi-College Concerto Competition. Bruce Leto, Jr. performs the 3rd Movement of George Gershwin's Concerto in f with the Haverford/Bryn Mawr Orchestra, Mar. 2013!

1st Prize - Seattle International Piano Competition - Virtuoso Artists Festival, 2021 (Professional Division, Multiple Works). Bruce Leto, Jr. performs Oiseaux Tristes by Maurice Ravel

Finalist Contention & Judges' Citation - Bruce Leto, Jr. receives finalist contention (with a special adjudicatory citation) in the 2021 Professional - Solo Piano Category of The American Prize. Selected Recording: Ballade 3 in A-Flat Major by Frederic Chopin.


Prizewinner - Outstanding Recognition - Bruce Leto, Jr.'s 2023 Self-Released EP (as a tribute to his wife's birthday) receives a medal at the 2023 Global Music Awards (tracks here).


Mood Poems (May 2024 Release).

Presently - in National Finalist Contention (Piano Solo - Professional Category) via The American Prize Competition 2024.

mood poems cover bl.PNG
bruce carnegie.PNG

"Kaleidoscopic," "Refined," "Intelligent" - Bruce Leto, Jr. performs at Carnegie Hall.

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